“Sai Gurukul School desires to make every student a good human being, which becomes its priority mission along with giving them free Education. The objective is to implement the Right to Education in its true spirit. Our school works on the principle that no child should be denied quality basic education due to poverty, indifferent parents, financial hurdles, hunger, sickness, gender, religion, caste etc.”


It aims to do it with the help of a well-trained, service oriented, teaching team and a self-sacrificing management team. Raising the students to shine, as confident scholars and good human beings is the primary objective of the school.There are two kinds of knowledge. One relates to the knowledge of external things. The head manifests this power. The heart enables one to bring out the inner knowledge. Life will become ideal when both these types of knowledge are made to manifest in harmony. These have been called Education and Educare. Both are two wings of a bird essential for survival. Education gives us knowledge, which are only facts and figures of information. Educare gives us wisdom by helping us sift through the information received to get transformation. Following the five human values of Sathya-Truth,Dharma-Rightconduct,Shanthi–Peace,Prema-Love,Ahimsa-Non-Violence in day to day life helps us to achieve this.