“Being a part of Satguna Sangraha Trust has given a new meaning to my life. The satisfaction and the energy I derive in seeing the  children blossoming into a beautiful flower is immeasurable. I have pledged myself to this selfless organization.”  ~ Mrs Vasantha Gopal, Trustee

 “Watching the steady growth of  this institution over the past ten - twelve years  is like witnessing  firm faith, love, selfless service in  action. Being  part of it has brought  immense happiness, peace and purpose in my life.  I feel  blessed.” ~ Mrs Kamala Ravindranath, Trustee.

“When you see a confident smile on a child’s face or the satisfaction writ large on a patient, it gives immense joy.  We hope and pray that similar endeavors are taken up by communities across the globe for the benefit of  the under privileged.”  ~ Mr Srinivasan Koothanoor, Trustee.

 “I thank Almighty to be working for the Trust – a seed of love sown in the soil of faith and sacrifice under divine guidelines,  grown steadfast … now harvesting happiness from hundreds of blooming children and smiling faces of the society.” ~ Mrs Shanthi Srinivasan, Founder Trustee.

“I thank our beloved Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba for giving me this lifetime opportunity to work for the Trust. The love showered by our children is pure bliss. We take one step and Sai takes 10 steps; that is how we have grown from 60 children to 500 plus today.” ~ Mrs Sashikala  Natarajan,  Trustee.

 “I consider myself super fortunate to be working alongside such self-less and committed people and give back to the society in whatever little way I can .” ~ Mrs Kavitha Rajamani, Trustee.